Where are your dresses made?
Our dresses are designed and tailored in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

What fabrics do you use?
All Comic Sexy dresses are made from Ponta di Roma fabric (55% viscose, 40% polyamide, 5% elastane). The yarn is dyed before it is woven to achieve a deep, intense colour.

Can I machine-wash a Comic Sexy dress?
No. For all of our dresses, the care instructions are the same: hand wash, low iron, no dry tumbling, and no bleaching. To be on the safe side, double-check the instructions on the tag inside your dress.

Can I buy a Comic Sexy dress in a store?
No, Comic Sexy dresses are only sold on this website.

I just placed an order for a tailor-made dress (‘made to fit’). Can I change my measurements?
Yes, but only if you let us know within 24 hours. After that, our tailors will start making your dress and it’s too late to make changes then.

How do I check my order status?
Log into your account and go to your Order History page.

I have some ideas for a dress. Can you do a custom design for me?
Perhaps. Send us an email with your ideas, and we will send you a quote.

Do you make dresses for children?
That depends on the height of the child. We make dresses for persons who are at least 140 centimeters tall.

How do I know what dress is best for me?
Your inner self will tell you.