If you decide to order a tailor-made dress (‘made to fit’), Comic Sexy will use your body measurements to create a unique dress that’s meant to fit you, and you alone. We will guide you through our online measurement process step-by-step with easy to follow videos. It only takes fifteen minutes and can be done anywhere you like. All you need is a friend and a tape measure. We also recommend that you wear the bra that you plan to wear under your new Comic Sexy dress.

You’ll be prompted to get measured once you’re ready to checkout. Once your order is placed, one of our tailors will take your body measurements and create a custom pattern just for you.

Do I need a tailor to take my measurements?
No. You only need a friend and a tape measure, and follow the instructions on our instruction videos. This will take you less than ten minutes.

Can I use the measurements from a dress that I already have?
No. We need your actual body measurements.

How do I make sure that my measurements are accurate?
With the help of a friend and our instruction videos it’s hard to go wrong. If, for whatever reason, your dress doesn’t fit, minor alterations may be needed, and we will be happy to cover the cost. For more information on alterations and returns, click here.

Do I need to enter my measurements in centimeters or inches?
Whichever you prefer. Our measurement system can deal with both.

Can I see my body measurements in my account profile?
Yes. Log into your account and go to your Measurements page.

Can I change the body measurements in my account profile?
Yes. However, if you want to change your measurements after placing an order, you need to notify us within 24 hours. After that, our tailors will start making your dress and it’s too late to make changes then.

Can I have multiple measurements on one profile?
No. If you’d like to order dresses in different sizes, you need to create a separate profile for each dress size.

Why was I contacted to redo certain measurements?
In principle, our tailors will make a dress based on the measurement that you provided. However, if any of your measurements look off, we will email to verify these.

I haven’t placed an order yet. How do I review my measurements?
You can review your measurements by logging into your account and going to the measurements page.