Major alterations

Note: this information only applies to tailor-made dresses (‘made-to-fit’). For information, about our policy for standard size dresses (‘off-the-peg’), click here.

Comic Sexy will only process a request for a major adjustment of a tailor-made dress after you have attempted to arrange a minor adjustment from your local tailor. To apply for a remake, please follow these steps:

1. Record the problem. Put on your dress and ask a friend to make three digital photos of you wearing the dress: front, back and side. Make sure that each photo is no bigger than 2MB.
2. Inform us of your problem. Send us the digital photos by email and provide us with a brief description of the problem (for example: “the sleeves are too short” or “the dress is too tight at my waist”). We will then inform our tailor, and email you shipping details.
3. Send your dress to our tailor. Please use your own shipper and packaging. Unfortunately, we are presently unable to cover the cost of return shipping. Once we have received your dress, we will notify you by email. Depending on the nature of the problem, we will either alter your dress or make a new dress from scratch. Once your dress is ready, we will send it by courier to your door within 4 weeks (just like with any Comic Sexy dress).

You can apply for a major alteration within 7 days from the delivery date. The date of receipt of your email with digital photos and a description of the problem counts as the date of the receipt of your application.


Please note that Comic Sexy will only reimburse you for alterations if your dress does not fit because of a mistake from our side. Because all our dresses are tailor-made, we are unfortunately unable to reimburse you if your dress does not fit because you provided us with incorrect body measurements.