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  • Comic Sexy Show review in Haarlems Dagblad

    The Spinshots played, the Comic Sexy Abassadorettes danced. Haarlem Dagblad Wrote.

    Comic Sexy Show reviewed in Local paper Comic Sexy Show reviewed in Local paper
  • send us your picture!

    If you send us a picture at [email protected], we'll post it on our fanpages (here, facebook, pinterest) and give you a discount of 15 percent for the next dress you buy throught your Comic sexy account.

    Be a Comic Sexy Starlet and save money looking great!

  • choose your own hem length!

    Yes dear customers!

    It is YOU who decides where on your upper leg a Comic Sexy Dress should end. When you order - you globally indicate if you want a medium length or a short length dress. After you paid, we will send you a confirmation mail and ask you where on your thigh you want the hemline to be exactly. Anything between bum and knee is okay!

  • comic sexy videoclip

    In this clip you can see the Comic sexy models dancing to the track the Spinshots recorded for this purpose. If you are a vinyl lover, drop us a line, because the band has a few 45's to sell. You can also download the song here.

  • zone 5300


    The great Dutch comic magazine Zone 5300 placed an article about Comic Sexy in 2015. Sorry guys - it's in Dutch.

    But basically it reads: 'Comicouture - a fashion line designed by Martin Draax, chef de ensemble of the neo-exotica band the Spinshots. The dresses are inspired by comic heroins from the 60s. Think Barbarella, Modesty Blaise, Brigitte Bardot in Comic Strip by Serge Gainsbourg. Everything is tailormade to fit: and there are seven designs which you can order in three colour combinations. The price is reasonable for a concept that easily could be called 'Comicouture'.

    With the collection comes the song 'Comic Sexy' by the Spinshots. This will be the b side of a single called 'Gone Before He Left'



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