Comic Sexy designs, manufactures and sells tailor-made dresses. Our designs are inspired by the swinging sixties, but are definitely not retro. A Comic Sexy dress is timeless, colorful, unique, sexy and very comfortable to wear. A Comic Sexy girl is smart and independent. She knows what she wants and she loves dancing.


Comic Sexy is a limited partnership of Martin Draax and André Oosterman, and is registered under number 62913913 of the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Comic Sexy was established as a limited partnership on 20 March 2015. By strange coincidence, the legal documents were signed precisely at the time of a total solar eclipse that obscured part of Northern Europe (no, we’re not making this up). We have no idea if there is a deeper meaning to this, but we’d like to think so.


Comic Sexy is based in Amsterdam, but our dresses are tailored in Poland and shipped to...well, wherever FedEx dares to deliver. In other words: styled in Amsterdam, tailored in Poland, sold worldwide.


To design unique dresses that are comfortable to wear and make smart and independent women look beautiful.


Comic Sexy is a truly international venture. We combine resources from all over the world to bring you a beautiful tailor-made dress at an affordable price. We design our dresses in the Netherlands, manufacture them in Poland, and ship them in boxes from China to addresses anywhere on Earth. The website was developed in Vietnam with copywriting inputs from Australia.

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